Agricultural Energy Efficiency Initiative (AEEI): 

A Farm Energy Program for Southside and Southwest Virginia

Funded by a 2014 grant from the Virginia Tobacco Indemnification and Revitalization Commission and is supported by VCE Community Viability and the Virginia Tech Biological Systems Engineering Department

Here’s how the program works…

Decide that you need an energy assessment of your agricultural or forest product small business operation in order to create a more energy efficient process.  Or, if a farm energy audit (ASABE S612 Farm Energy Audit Criteria or ASHRAE Level II) has been completed within the past two years, decide that you are ready to implement the audit’s energy efficiency recommendations.

If needed, an energy audit will be scheduled for your facility.  Once you receive the report, you will have the opportunity to meet with your Extension agent and discuss the recommendations.

Energy-cost saving opportunities identified in the audit report or in the renewable energy feasibility study are eligible for the 25% cost –share program. Participants may increase the cost-share to 50% (up to the balance remaining in the energy account) by participating at least one (1) educational program.